The love of wisdom, from which the term “philosophy” is derived, includes both a theoretical and practical component. To love wisdom is to do more than just learn certain propositions in the abstract sense. It crucially requires an act of will – a personal commitment to shape one’s life in ways that reflect what is true and good. As an instructor, my teaching incorporates both of these elements. I seek to educate the whole person. I teach not merely so that my students can know what this-or-that theory is, or what other people thought in the past, but so that they can become better people.

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Courses Taught

Grantham University

  • HU 260: Strategies for Decision Making
  • GU 101: Student Success
  • GU 299: General Education Capstone
  • PL 401: Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • PL 201: Introduction to Philosophy
  • HU 410: Ideas that Changed the World

Johnson County Community College

  • PHIL 121 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 143 – Ethics.

Park University

  • PHI 221: Applied Ethics
  • PHI 102: Introduction to Ethical Thinking

Florida SouthWestern State College

  • PHI 2600: Ethics 
  • PHI 2010: Introduction to Philosophy 

Florida Gulf Coast University

  • PHI 2000: The History of Ideas
  • PHI 1010: Introduction to Philosophy (Special Topics) 
  • SLS 1501: Effective Learning