One of my passions is to make my work accessible to the everyday individual. To that end, I value engagement with popular audiences.  If you’re interested in having me speak to your class, organization, conference, TV/radio/internet show, or church — or if you want to organize a debate, contact me at thsiao@grantham.edu.  I’m happy to do both physical events and virtual events.

Currently, I’m open to doing speaking engagements or debates on the following topics:

  • The case for natural law theory
  • The case against homosexual behavior
  • The problem with the “consenting adults” ethic
  • The case against gun control
  • The case against animal rights
  • The moral and legal case against marijuana legalization
  • The existence of God

If there’s a topic that you’d like me to talk about but that doesn’t appear here, feel free to email me.

Previous Speaking/Media Appearances


  • “The Moral Right to Gun Ownership: A Dialogue” with Dr. Jonathan Herington (Kansas State University).


  • “The Gospel at the Border: Christianity and the US Immigration Crisis” (The Gospel & Social Justice Conference: Hard Conversations about Poverty, Race, and Sexuality)
  • “You Are Not Your Own: A Critique of Liberal Social Ethics” (Evangelical Philosophical Society Southwestern Regional Meeting).
  • “Why Homosexual Sex is Immoral” (Tennessee Philosophical Association Annual Conference).


  • “Natural Law and Homosexuality” (Ratio Christi FGCU).
  • Lecture series on “Christianity and Politics” (New Life Assembly of God).
  • Lecture series on Arguments for the Existence of God (Ratio Christi FGCU)
  • “The Moral Case for Campus Carry” (Eagles for Liberty, FGCU Honors Event)
  • “Consenting Adults, Sex, and Natural Law Theory” (Mt. Vernon Nazarene University)
  • “Consenting Adults, Sex, and Natural Law Theory” (Ouachita Baptist University)


  • “Moral Theory, Sexual Ethics, and Abortion” on Capturing Christianity
  • “Marijuana Prohibition” on Veracity Hill
  • “Natural Law Theory,” “Gun Ownership,” and “Immigration” on AK47 Podcast“
  • The Moral Case for Gun Ownership” on Veracity Hill