Semi-brief bio:

I was born and raised in the great state of Florida. My interests in philosophy developed through a prior interest in Christian apologetics, which I began studying in middle school after being challenged by some skeptical questions. These interests eventually led me to become a philosophy major in college.

After graduating high school in 2011, I enrolled in Florida State University, where I completed a B.A. in philosophy (magna cum laude) in 2014 and an M.A. in philosophy in 2015.

Upon leaving Florida State, I returned to my hometown of Fort Myers and taught philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida SouthWestern State College for the next year and a half as an adjunct professor.

In June 2017, after a series of very strange events in my life, I assumed a permanent position as a humanities professor at Grantham University and moved to the Kansas City area. Around that time I also started a PhD in philosophy at the University of Reading as an IHS Humane Studies Fellow. My doctoral work is being supervised by David Oderberg.

When I’m not attending to scholarly duties, I spend way too much time playing Minecraft and Overwatch. I also enjoy going shooting every so often.

I attend Southpoint Church of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri.