I’m a humanities professor in the Foundations Program at Grantham University and an adjunct professor of philosophy at Park University. Previously, I taught at Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida SouthWestern State College. I hold a master’s degree in philosophy from Florida State University. I’m currently working towards a PhD in philosophy at the University of Reading, where my dissertation (supervised by David Oderberg) will focus on defending a natural law approach to environmental ethics.

My teaching and research interests are in applied ethics, social philosophy, and environmental ethics. Within these areas, my scholarly work draws on the resources of classical natural law theory to defend a broadly libertarian-conservative approach to the controversial moral issues of our time. I also have occasional interests in the philosophy of religion, specifically in natural theology.

Check out my CV for a full list of my published works. I am the category editor for the PhilPapers section on gun control, where I maintain a catalogue of papers relevant to the topic. I am also a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (but not the Society of Christian Philosophers, due to their disgraceful treatment of Richard Swinburne)You can find me on Facebook and Academia.edu.

When I’m not teaching or attending to scholarly duties, you can find me shooting guns or playing Minecraft and Overwatch. I attend Southpoint Church of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri.


Selected Publications

2018: “The Libertarian Case for Drug Prohibition” [NEW]
Public Discourse: Ethics, Law, and the Common Good
2017: “Why Recreational Drug Use is Immoral” [NEW]
The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 17:4
2017: “The Perverted Faculty Argument
Philosophia Christi 19:1
2017: “Industrial Farming is Not Cruel to Animals
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 30:1 
: “The Ethics of ‘Gun-Free Zones‘”
Philosophia 45:2
2016: “Against Moderate Gun Control
(with C’Zar Bernstein) Libertarian Papers 8:2
2016: “Consenting Adults, Sex, and Natural Law Theory
2015: “The Moral Right to Keep and Bear Firearms
(with C’Zar Bernstein and Matt Palumbo) Public Affairs Quarterly 29:4

2015: “In Defense of Eating Meat
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

Contact Information

College of Arts and Sciences
Foundations Program
Grantham University
16025 W 113th Street
Lenexa, KS 66219